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David Virkler was passionate about sharing the Gospel and encouraging God’s people to do the
same. In the spring of 2011, he presented a seminar on evangelism, and he was excited about 
giving more seminars in the future. But the Lord called him Home instead.

So that people can still benefit from Dave’s valuable insights and information, we have put the
seminar material in print. A Call to Evangelism outlines believers' responsibility to share the
Gospel and our ability to do it. The material presents stirring biblical principles related to
evangelism and offers practical information on witnessing including simple outlines for sharing the
Gospel, how to lead someone to Christ, and an extensive list of answers to the objections and
questions that are often raised by unbelievers.

The 32-page booklet is available for a gift of any size, which helps to cover our costs. 
         A Call To Evangelism
2016 Year in Review
Since 1985, we have produced an annual Year in Review broadcast of "The Word And The World" covering the events of the year in a biblical perspective. A complimentary copy of the 2016 edition is available as a keepsake to any child born last year or for friends and family to give as a gift. Previous years are available for a gift of any size. (All gifts to the ministry are tax-deductible.)