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The Word And The World

Each week, the radio broadcast presents current issues and  events in a Biblical perspective. Current insights by host Bill Breckenridge  (far right) and timeless commentary  by David  Virkler (left)  offer Scriptural insight  on national and  international  news, social issues, prophetic issues,  and special days and  events.  Outstanding interview guests are also featured on occasion. Click here for our radio log of stations and networks. 

NEWSpoint Blog

For further biblical perspective on the news, check out our blog where current news, events and trends
are examined through the lens of Biblical truth. 

Print and Audio Resources

Materials for information and inspiration are available to encourage and challenge Christians and to share the Gospel. Print commentaries and articles cover a variety of topics. Audio CDs feature messages by David Virkler, special radio broadcasts, interviews, music and more. New:  A Call To Evangelism - Seminar

Messages and Special Presentations

Rev. David Virkler was a  gifted preacher and speaker.  For over 50 years, he  shared inspiring and 
informative messages focused on  evangelism,  Christian living, current issues  and prophetic issues.
A number of  Dave’s messages and  presentations are available for  listening online or  by CD.

Challenging and inspiring God's people and sharing the Gospel 
through radio, Internet outreach and print and audio materials
Our Mission

Dedication Evangelism  was founded  in 1961 by Rev. David Virkler with  a  motto of 
Challenging Reapers & Harvesting Souls. Dave served as the Director until the Lord 
called him Home in January of  2012.  The ministry continues  to carry on  his vision:
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