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Weekend of Meetings
Meetings designed for various groups and ages (men, women, young people) were held over a single weekend to challenge God’s people and/or reach the community with the Gospel. A series was often held as an adult feature for an evening Vacation Bible School.

“Super Sunday” or Sunday Worship Service
“Super Sundays” included a unique and special message
in each meeting in a  Sunday schedule including the adult
Bible School hour, morning service and a lunch/afternoon
meeting or Sunday evening (if applicable). He is was available
to bring a special message in a morning service. Either of
these worked as pulpit supply.

Special Event or Day
Messages were regularly customized for a special events, holidays or other special functiosn (church or pastor’s anniversarys, banquets, graduations) or for a special interest groups (businessmen, pastors, physicians).

Missions Conference
Dave shared many stirring and challenging messages at  mission conferences or mission Sundays.

Special Presentations
Dave offered several special presentations that were stand-alone or can included in a weekend of meetings.

A Walk Around Jerusalem  used maps and photos (in PowerPoint), Biblical narratives and the listener’s imaginations to retraced the steps of Jesus from Palm Sunday to His ascension.

It’s Catching! was a unique presentation
using classic and antique fishing lures
and great fish stories to bring spiritual
lessons that presented Christ and His
desire for believers to become fishers
of men.

Objective Truth presented Bible times, themes and peoples using ancient artifacts, photos and other visuals. The presentation was able to be tailored to any age group.

Men’s Meeting
Dave often presented a special words of encouragement or
challenges designed specifically for men. Some men’s
groups also sponsored  “It’s Catching”  as an
outreach to the community.

Small Group/Home Bible Study
Home meetings offered a more informal setting where Dave would share a special topic such as Christian living, prophetic events or current issues followed by a time of questions and answers.

Conferences, Retreats and Prophecy
Dave also spoke at numerous Bible
conferences, camps weekend retreats.and
Bible conferances

Several different emphases for a special meetings or weekends would be combined to fit the needs of the local church or group.

                                                 Evangelism – Reaching the lost with the Gospel.
                                                 Christian Living – Encouraging believers to live victorious Christian lives.
                                                 Church Renewal – Exhorting believers to more faithful service for Christ.
                                                 Missions – Challenging believers in the areas of witnessing and missions.
                                                 Prophetic Issues* – Acquainting believers with Biblical prophecy.
                                                 Current Issues* – Informing believers of critical concerns in Biblical light. 
                                                 Interim Ministry – Encouraging and exhorting churches without a pastor.

* Most of the above meetings could also be geared toward a combined audience (believers and non-  believers).


“Thank you for your perfect message Sunday. It certainly spoke to my heart and the hearts of others.”

“Thank you for the fine meetings we had. We appreciate your love for the Lord Jesus and your enthusiastic energy in proclaiming His Word. You gave us a lot of food for thought. …This is the third church you have come to where I was pastoring.”

“Thank you for sharing with us today the wonderful message of our Savior’s redeeming love. The afternoon presentation was greatly appreciated and very timely.”

“…thank you for your powerful, spirit-filled message.”

There is no set amount for an honorarium. We leave that up to the church or group, however we do ask that you take into consideration Dave’s preparation, travel time and the number of messages presented. The honorarium/love offering does not go to Dave personally but toward the ongoing ministry of Dedication Evangelism. Travel expenses are separate and must be provided in advance.

CONTACT US if you are interested in having a special meeting or weekend or if you have any questions. Click here to send an e-mail, or contact Dave by letter or phone as listed below. Include your name, church, full mailing address and phone number and any questions.  All churches are considered regardless of size.
     Rev. David M. Virkler was a gifted preacher and speaker. He had been in
     full-time ministry since 1956 and offered 50 years of Bible study and ministry                      experience. He served for 5½ years as a pastor before establishing                                    Dedication Evangelism in 1961. He has spoken at churches, camps and                            Bible conferences in 24 states in the U.S. and has also ministered in the                            Caribbean, the Bahamas, Canada, Chile and Honduras
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Rev. David M. Virkler
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