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A variety of materials is available to encourage and challenge Christians and for use in sharing the Gospel with others. We do not charge a set price for these materials. We make them available for a tax-deductible contribution of any szie. Your donation helps to cover our costs and enables us to continue our resources ministry. You will receive a receipt for tax purposes.


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All materials are authored by David M. Virkler except where indicated. Items marked with * are appropriate for use as witnessing tools.


Egypt From Pharaohs to Prophecy – Egypt’s history and religion, its relationship with Israel, the many references to Egypt in the Bible both historically and prophetically are outlined in this commentary. This is information that you won’t hear in the secular media. 12 pg.  P-EGY

Financial Integrity – This commentary outlines the biblical teaching on wealth and prosperity, its dangers and blessings, helping the poor, end-time implications of the crisis and how to fix our personal and national financial troubles. 11 pg.  PFI

Iran: Ancient Power and Modern Peril – Iran is a country with a surprising Biblical history, significant modern influence and possible end-time involvement. This covers Biblical references to Iran, the significance of its government’s Islamic views, and how Iran  and Islam might factor into end times. 10 pg. P-IRN

Iraq and The Bible – Most Christians are unaware of the Biblical significance of Iraq, which has ties to the Garden of Eden, the Tower of Babel, Abraham, Israel’s 70-year captivity and prophecy. This outlines the history and future of Iraq and its influence on the world. 12 pg.  P-IRQ

Is America in Prophecy? – How does America fit into prophetic events? Dave explores the different views on this topic and offers a stirring challenge for Christians on how national revival could play an important role in America’s future. 11 pgs. P-AMP

Israel: What You Need To Know – This covers the history of the Middle East conflict, insights from God's Word, the prophetic significance and a Christian response. It includes maps and a timeline of Israel’s history. 16 pg.  P-ISR

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict – This outlines the history of the conflict and offers insight into what the Bible says about a Palestinian state. 8 pg.  P-IPC

Middle East Countries – This commentary offers insight into the significance in Biblical history and prophecy of Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt and Israel. It also includes a summary of Islam. 22 pg.  P-MEC

Moral Madness: A Biblical Response to Gay Marriage – This outlines the issues involved, its legal and social impact, what the Bible says, and how Christians should react and respond. 11 pg. P-MM

Political Questions & Answers – This outlines the Biblical areas of political participation, the importance of a single vote and what is at stake in a presidential election. Pamphlet  P-PQA


A Call To Evangelism - From a seminar by Dave, this outlines our responsibilities as believers to share the Gospel and our ability to do it. It presents stirring biblical principles related to evangelism and offers information on witnessing including simple outlines for sharing the Gospel, how to lead someone to Christ and an extensive list of answers to the objections and questions often raised by unbelievers. 32 pg. P-EVN

Bible Codes: Are They For Real? – This explains the history of “hidden” Bible codes, outlines the concerns and offers a Christian viewpoint based on Scripture. 11 pg.  P-BC

Cloning: An Unsettling Development With Unprecedented Implications – This explores the controversial issue in light of God's Word, outlines the stunning prophetic implications and offers a Christian response. 12 pg.  P-CLO

Gambling: What’s Wrong With It?* – Gambling is a growing and tragic trend among adults and young people. This commentary covers its cause, cost and calamity and a Biblical contrast and cure. 11 pg.  P-GBL

Halloween – This covers Halloween’s history, its modern impact and how believers should respond. Pamphlet  P-HWN

God & Faith in Presidential Inaugurals – This compilation of all references to God, faith, prayer and Scripture in inaugural addresses offers insight into the importance placed on this by American presidents. 16 pg.  P-PI

Reflections on the Death of the Pope – Written following the death of Pope John Paul II, this offers a brief comparison of Roman Catholic doctrines and Biblical teaching. Pamphlet  P-RDP

Sacrifice: The Way to God – A Catholic’s Search for Truth* – A former Catholic shares her testimony of life in Roman Catholicism, her search for the Truth, and how she finally found it in the Lord Jesus Christ. 16 pg.  P-SAC

Star Wars and “The Force” – Beneath the surface of this very popular good vs. evil story is another theme that Christians should be aware of. Pamphlet  P-SW

The Story of “The Star-Spangled Banner” – Francis Scott Key was a devout believer in Christ, and that aspect of his life is seen in our national anthem. Pamphlet   P-SSB

Willful Neglect? – This outlines the importance in a Biblical context of why everyone, especially Christians, should have a valid will. Pamphlet (Complimentary) P-WN


9/11: The Miracle of So Many Good Things – Shortly after the 9/11 attacks, Dave compiled a list of the many positive things that resulted. It is an encouraging reminder that good can come out of disaster. Pamphlet  P-911

A Tale of Two Brothers* – This presents unique insights into the story of the prodigal son. Special focus is given to the son who stayed at home. This will be an encouragement to anyone who knows a "prodigal" and to those who never "left home." 12 pg.  P-TTB

The Amazing Grace of World War II* – This tells the story of Mitsuo Fuchida, who led the attack on Pearl Harbor, and Jacob DeShazer, who bombed Japan and was a prisoner-of-war there, and how these enemies in war became friends in Christ. 7 pg.  P-PH

The Illegal Trial of Jesus Christ* – This outlines the many illegalities of Christ’s trial and how it demonstrates His willing sacrifice for us. Pamphlet  P-ILT

Running With Faith – The Faith of  runner Eric Liddell and his stunning victory in the 1924 Summer Olympics, the Oscar-winning movie “Chariots of Fire” and Liddell’s life as a missionary in war-torn China are recounted. Pamphlet  P-RWF

Time and Time Again – This offers a scriptural view of time and how Christians can make the most of it. 11 pg. P-TTA


Anticipatience: A New Word of Hope for Single Women – This book by Sharon Virkler outlines the balance between anticipating God’s blessing while exercising the patience required to trust in His timing. Though written for women, the principles can be applied to any situation in which someone is waiting on God. Softcover, 104 pg. ($10.00) P-ATP



America, the Bible and Politics – Dave Virkler relates the uniqueness of America and outlines the Biblical principles for political responsibility. A-ABP

Islam: What You Need to Know – Dave’s comprehensive message covers a historical review of Islam’s origins and how it spread, an outline of the contrasts between Islam and Christian doctrine, and a biblical analysis. A-ISL

Israel and a Palestinian State – Dave outlines the Biblical and political history of the conflict and offers insight on whether Israel should give up land for a Palestinian state. A-IPC

Muslims and The Bible – Rev. Richard Bailey, a former missionary in Pakistan who was later involved in outreach to Muslims in the New York metro area, shares what Muslims believe and ways we can reach them for Christ. A-MSL


45th Anniversary Collection – Dave’s selection of eight inspiring interviews from our archives includes moon walk astronaut Jim Irwin, author/broadcaster/artist Joni Eareckson Tada, singer George Beverly Shea and composer Al Smith. A-45

God and The President – Dr. Paul Kengor, author of "God & Ronald Reagan" and "God & George W. Bush," shares fascinating insights into the spiritual lives of these two U.S. presidents. A-GP

Movies That Matter – Alex Kendrick, producer, co-writer, actor and director of Fireproof, Facing the Giants and Flywheel, shares insights into these outstanding Christian films and how they were produced. A-MTM

Woven Together – Rev. Russell Ebersole shares a thrilling testimony of his and his wife Nancy’s missionary service and how the Lord blended their two families (eight children combined) after their first spouses died. A-WT


Unspeakable Things – Dave reviews God's limitless and almost indescribable blessings for those who are in his family through faiath in His Son. A-UB

America’s Foundation and Future – This contains Dave’s stirring message on America’s Christian foundation, its problems, and the ultimate solution as well as a “bonus” track of the July 4, 2010 radio broadcast featuring some of America’s patriotic songs. A-AFF

Amen, Two Men, Three Men – In this message, Dave offers a unique outline on Biblical principles for effective prayer. A-A23

A Tale of Two Brothers* – Dave shares unique insights into the story of the prodigal son, with special focus given to the son who stayed at home. A-TTB

Beyond Pearl Harbor – Dave interviews Jake DeShazer, one of Doolittle’s Raiders, and also tells the story of how Jake and Mitsuo Fuchida, the Japanese pilot who led the raid on Pearl Harbor, each accepted Christ as Savior. A-PH

Bright Spots in Dark Times – This inspiring message on Jeremiah was the last one Dave preached. Its theme of pressing on despite discouraging circumstances will encourage and challenge everyone. A-BRT


A Capitol Tour – This “guided tour” with Rev. Tim Crater describes America’s Christian heritage depicted in the U.S. Capitol Building including various paintings and statues and the House Chamber. A-CT

A Philadelphia Tour – Dr. Peter Lillback describes 12 historic sites in Philadelphia, including the Liberty Bell, Carpenter’s Hall, Independence Hall, and Christ Church, with an emphasis on our nation’s Judeo/Christian heritage. (2 CDs, $10) A-PT

Amazing Grace – Dave interviews movie producer Ken Wales on the making of the film and its impact, and he reviews the lives of John Newton and William Wilberforce and their fight against slavery in the British Empire. A-AG

Music: The Great Divider – In this message, Dave shares personal observations on the affect of contemporary Christian music in the church. A-MUS

Presidential Profiles* – This audio version of Dave’s book shares intriguing stories and facts about many U.S. presidents to illustrate important truths of God’s Word. Twenty-three chapters read by Stephen Virkler feature a number of chief executives including Washington, Lincoln, Jackson, Grant, Eisenhower, Nixon, Clinton, and George W. Bush. Two new chapters feature Coolidge and Lyndon Johnson. Included is God & Faith in Presidential Inaugurals, a print compilation of all references to God, faith, prayer and Scripture in presidential inaugural addresses. (2 CDs, $15) A-PP


America in Prophecy – How does America fit into prophetic events? Dave explores the different views on this topic and offers a challenge for American Christians. A-AMP


Sing Them Over Again - Vol. 1 – This compilation contains 14 original vocal and instrumental arrangements of classic hymns and songs including “Until Then,” “Day by Day,” “Wonderful Grace of Jesus,” “Onward Christian Soldiers” and “Wonderful Words of Life”. A-SO1

Sing Them Over Again - Vol. 2 – This second volume contains 16 more original arrangements including “Mansion Over the Hilltop,” “Without Him,” “Shelter in the Time of Storm,” “Beyond the Sunset” and “Amazing Grace”. A-SO2

Sing Them Over Again - Vol. 3 – Our third collection contains 15 vocal and instrumental arrangements including “Near the Cross,” “Tell Me the Stories of Jesus” “Stand Up for Jesus,” “He Arose” and “My Jesus, I Love Thee”. A-SO3


Individual Years* – A year’s events are reviewed in a Biblical context. This is a great gift for a child so he can later learn about the year of his birth and hear a Gospel witness or to give to mark a special birthday or anniversary. Available for 1985-2018.__ (indicate 2-digit year)

20th Century – Dave reviews the highlights of the century of the 1900s. Note: This is in mp3 format. A-YRC

First Decade – The years 2000-2010 are available on a 4-CD set. Includes a bonus CD of the 20th Century in Review. ($16) Note: These are in mp3 format. A-YRD