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by David M. Virkler
by David M. Virkler
“The Word And The World” presents current issues and events in a Biblical perspective. Scriptural insight on national and international news, social issues, prophetic issues, and special days and events is given through current insights by host Bill Breckenridge and timeless commentary by David Virkler. 

"The Word and The World" has been the radio ministry of Dedication Evangelism since April of 1964. We have been on the air every week for over 50 years through the faithfulness of God and the generosity of God's people.

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Radio Broadcasts

12/09/18 - Christmas: Charlie Brown Style
12/16/18 - Christmas in Context
12/23/18 - The Great Hymns of Christmas
12/30/18 - The Two Kings of Christmas
01/06/18 - Time and the Christian Calendar
01/13/19 - 2018 Year In Review
01/20/19 - "It's Catching!" by David Virkler
01/27/19 - 2019 Pro-Life March in Washington