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Recent broadcasts of The Word And The World considered a number of current issues:
Oct.1: Is the threat of nuclear war with North Korea a sign of end times and Christ’s return? Bill Breckenridge explored the biblical significance of this issue and why the Church is still here 
Sept. 24: The broadcast featured Bill’s comparison of a recent list of ways to stay positive with Biblical principles for a proper attitude. 
Sept. 17: Bill looked at the impact of Hurricane Harvey and the need to be prepared spiritually when difficult times hit. 
Sept. 10: The broadcast featured a message by Rev. Paul Anderson, our Board president, in which he shared a biblical response to natural disasters.  
Sept. 3: Our annual Labor Day weekend broadcast featured Dave Virkler’s comments on labor and the 
concept of labor in the Bible.

You can listen to these broadcasts again—or for the first time—at our website.  

A Milestone

This month marks our 56th anniversary! David Virkler founded Dedication Evangelism in 1961 with a two-fold goal: stirring God’s people to revival and sharing the Gospel, and reaching the lost. Our commitment to inspiring and informing believers and sharing the Good News of salvation remains the same. We praise God for giving us 56 years of outreach and especially for enabling us to continue after He called Dave Home. Thank you for your partnership in ministry. Your prayer and financial support is vital! 

Thoughts on October 31st 

Every year, Halloween frenzy seems to take over. Spending this year is expected to reach a record $9.1 billion! Is it just harmless trick-or-treating and parties and a boon to business? Beneath the seemingly innocent fun and games lies a dark connection.

A Google search reveals countless articles outlining the pagan and occult roots of Halloween. That Halloween is actually a remnant of supernaturalism is beyond question. Christians have an obligation to investigate. Any honest examination of the facts will find that our society has been cleverly deceived into paying homage to the Devil and his demons. Halloween represents an unholy alliance between him and the church. 

Of greater significance than Halloween, October 31st is the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther posting his 95 Theses on the church door in Wittenburg, Germany—the event that sparked the Protestant Reformation. Luther’s personal conversion and subsequent conflict with the church of Rome emphasized the great Biblical doctrine of salvation by faith alone. This great event and the doctrine it highlighted stand in stark contrast to the themes of Halloween. The most effective way to counter Halloween’s superstition is to share Christ’s salvation! (From a commentary by David Virkler)


Thank You

…for your partnership with us through your financial and prayer support! They are so very important to our ministry outreach of inspiring and challenging God’s people and sharing the Good News of the Gospel.

On the Air

August broadcasts of The Word And The World featured several different issues:
A recent study indicates that there are many denominations on the decline, and more people don’t identify with any denomination or faith at all. Bill Breckenridge shared how a proper study and understanding of core doctrinal truths is essential to proper theology. (8/27)
Bill looked at how today’s technology has changed the way we learn information and focus on it. How does that affect our reading and study of the Word of God? (8/20)
To mark the 72nd anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, we featured a timeless 2-part series from our archives that also ties in with North Korea’s nuclear missile tests. Dave Virkler’s comments offer insights on nuclear warfare in light of prophecy and also some spiritual lessons for today. (8/6 & 13)

September programs feature Labor Day and insights on Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

A Word of Encouragement

We have just observed the 16th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. A number of U.S. states were hit by two major hurricanes, wildfires burn in the west, and there is bitter political and racial discord. The Church is increasingly divided on moral issues. International news includes earthquakes and hurricanes, terrorism, and the threat of nuclear attack

After the attacks of 9/11, a faithful ministry supporter enclosed a tract with her contribution. The following poem was on the back of the tract. Though written many years ago, its message is timeless.


They cannot shell His temple, Nor dynamite His throne; 
They cannot bomb His city, Nor rob Him of His own.

They cannot take Him captive, Nor strike Him deaf and blind.
Nor starve Him to surrender, Nor make Him change His mind.

They cannot cause Him panic; Nor cut off His supplies;
They cannot take His kingdom, Nor hurt Him with their lies.

Though all the world be shattered, His truth remains the same,
His righteous laws still potent And “Father” still His name.

Though we face war and struggle And feel their goad and rod,
We know above confusion There always will be God.

- Author unknown 


Broadcast Outreach

July broadcasts of The Word And The World focused on some current issues and the heritage and future of the U.S.:
In light of the commissioning of the aircraft carrier USS Gerald Ford, the most advanced in the world, Bill Breckenridge looked at the concept of warfare and the use of force in a fallen world. (7/30)
The healthcare debate from a biblical perspective was featured in a broadcast that looked at the greater need for spiritual healthcare. (7/23)
Bill Breckenridge answered the question What Makes America Great? from a biblical perspective. (7/16)
Two broadcasts from our archives featured Dave Virkler’s insights on Independence Day and some of the Patriotic Songs that celebrate America. (7/2& 9)

In light of North Korea’s nuclear missile tests and the 72nd anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, August broadcasts feature a timeless 2-part series from our archives. Dave’s comments offer insights on nuclear warfare in light of prophecy and also some spiritual lessons for today.

Pray for us

We often ask for your prayer support, but you may be wondering what our needs are. Here’s how you can pray for us:

Pray for our ministry outreach:
The Word And The World – for preparation, recording, and production; clear transmission; and that many would listen and be challenged and blessed
Resource Materials – that our print and audio materials will be effective in encouraging and informing believers and reaching the lost with the Gospel
Internet Outreach – that people would go to our NEWSpoint blog and website and be informed and challenged and read a Gospel witness

Pray that God will supply our daily financial needs.

Pray for good health and wisdom and discernment for staff and board members in ministry responsibilities and decisions.

Pray for protection of our headquarters building and equipment.

Thank you for bringing these needs before the Lord in prayer!