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MARCH 2018

On the Air

Recent broadcasts of The Word And The World featured commentary on a variety of news and topics:
Mar. 3/4: Tribute to Billy Graham – The broadcast honored the man who boldly preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ across the U.S. and around the world.
Feb. 24/25: Florida School Shooting – Bill looked at whether the increase in violent acts such as this is a sign that we are moving closer to end times and the ultimate solution found in God’s Word.
Feb. 17/18: Presidents Day Tribute – A timeless broadcast featured Dave Virkler’s insights into the spiritual lives of presidents born in February (Washington, Lincoln and Reagan) and a lesson from the short-lived presidency of a fourth.  
Feb. 10/11: Super Bowl LII – It was a thrilling football game, but an added highlight was the outspoken Christian witness by members of the Philadelphia Eagles, and all believers have a personal connection to it.
Feb. 3/4: America’s Spiritual Climate – The broadcast considered the current spiritual state in the US and how believers can make a difference.

Listen to these and a number of past broadcasts at our website or via podcast (

Storm Update

The March 7th nor’easter dumped over two feet of heavy snow on Towaco, and we were without power for three days. A number of large limbs fell from trees on the property, but none hit the building. The battery back-up sump pump did its job and kept the basement dry. We praise God for His protection! Pray for the funds needed to get extensive clean-up done. 

Resources Spotlight  

As March turns to April, we will remember Christ’s death, burial and resurrection. But how often do we consider the trial that led up to those events? In The Illegal Trial of Jesus Christ, Dave outlined the many illegalities of the trial and how it demonstrates Christ’s willing sacrifice. The pamphlet can be useful in witnessing to someone who might be wondering what Good Friday and Easter are really about. 

April is also income tax month, and the subject of taxes and finances has been in the news lately. In the 12-page booklet Financial Integrity, Dave Virkler outlined timeless biblical teaching on wealth and prosperity, its dangers and blessings, helping the poor, end-time implications, and how to fix both personal and national financial troubles. 

These are available for a gift of any size, or you can read them at our website. There are also a number of other articles and messages by Dave at our website as well as a list of all our resource materials. 


On the Air

Recent broadcasts of The Word And The World looked at a number of events in light of God’s Word to inspire and challenge believers and share the Good News of the Gospel. 
Jan. 27/28: March for Life – Bill’s wife, Donna-Jean, shared her experience at the 45th annual pro-life march in Washington, DC, including the historic address by President Trump.
Jan. 20/21: From Abortion to Pro-Life – A broadcast from our archives featured comments by David Virkler on abortionist turned pro-life leader Dr. Bernard Nathanson and the false information that influenced the Roe v. Wade decision.
Jan. 13/14: Facing Worry in the New Year – Bill shared biblical principles for facing current and potential problems in a fallen world.
Jan. 6/7: 2017 Year in Review – Our annual broadcast looked at the events of the previous year in a uniquely biblical perspective.

You can listen to these again or for the first time at our website or via podcast ( 

Expanded Radio Outreach

We recently learned of three additional radio stations that are airing The Word And The World:
  WKZD 104.9 FM, Somerville, Alabama, Sun. 5:15 PM
  KGED 1600 AM, Fresno, California, Sun. 11:00 AM
  WNLR 1150 AM, Staunton, Virginia, Sat. 7:30 AM

This brings our outreach to 18 states and Ontario, Canada on 77 outlets (full power and translators). All three stations also stream their programming online. Praise God for this expansion of our broadcast ministry!

Encouraging Words

A listener who requested several Year in Review CDs commented, “Thank you for your programs. I appreciate your faithfulness in speaking to the truths of the day and the Gospel. Thank you, thank you!” We are always encouraged by comments like these!


Broadcast Outreach

The Word And The World continues to be heard over radio via our network of broadcast partners reaching 16 states and Ontario, Canada. Some stations also have live streaming of their programming. The broadcast can also be heard any time and anywhere at our website and on podcast (

December broadcasts featured the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, a focus on Christmas, and our annual commentary by David Virkler on a biblical view of time and how believers can make the most of it. Our 2017 Year in Review broadcast aired on January 6 & 7. 

Resources Spotlight  

Our annual Year in Review aired on January 7. It reviewed the events of 2017 in a biblical context. A complimentary copy on CD is available to anyone who had a child or grandchild born last year or to give as a gift to family or friends. Previous years (1985-2016) are available for a gift of any size. 

Thoughts for the New Year

As we begin another new year, we share some inspiring excerpts from Dave Virkler’s commentary Time and Time Again, on which the December 31st broadcast is based. (The 11-page booklet is available for a gift of any size.)

”Two views of time divide believers from the darkened mystics who were first confronted with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Are we going forward or are we running in circles? First-century pagans thought time was circular – an entrapment to be evaded, a prison to be broken out of or ignored. Against this view of cyclic time stands God’s contrasting revelation of linear time. 

“The pagan world was trying to exit time. God’s redemptive plan directed Christ to enter it. Paul stood the pagan world on its ear when he wrote, ‘But when the fullness of time had come, God sent forth His Son….’ (Galatians 4:4 & 5) 

“Since God sanctifies time and counts spiritual significance along a linear time-line in ages past, present and future, we may view time as an ally and not an enemy. It has a special bearing on redemption’s plan historically and a bearing on our personal lives victoriously. 

“Jesus Christ is Lord of both the weekly and yearly cycles. Most everyone is involved in its result even if ignorant of its cause. The weekly cycle of seven days is linked to Christ’s creative genius at the beginning of the present age. The entrance of Christ into time dominates the annual cycle that proves Him Lord of time. The yearly cycle more dramatically exalts Christ. The world’s calendar is the Christian calendar. The Muslim, Jewish and Christian calendars are linear, but only one has an astonishing mid-point—the birth of Christ!

“In our opportunities, we must apply Ephesians 5:16, ‘Redeeming the time...’ Make the most of the moment! Time will not be repeated, but it may be redeemed. In Christ, the present can be captured for eternity.”

Special Gifts

A memorial gift is a special way to remember a loved one or special person and is an eternal investment in God’s work. We gratefully acknowledge these gifts: 

In memory of -- Given by:

David Virkler -- Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Baer, Eileen Bates, Rev. & Mrs. Clarence Windnagle
Paul & Rachel Virkler-- Eileen Bates
Eric Warren-- Rose Mary Warren