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Monthly Ministry Reviews
                                              SPRING-SUMMER 2017

Broadcast Highlights

Recent broadcasts of The Word And The World looked at annual events and remembrances and some issues facing us today. 

Many are not aware that the D-Day invasion began with an amazing prayer by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. (6/4)
Our annual Memorial Day broadcast featured Dave Virkler’s insights and personal recollections on the holiday and what it means. (5/28)
Bill Breckenridge highlighted the World Summit on Persecuted Christians, a significant event that was overlooked by most of the secular media, and considered the plight of believers who pay a heavy price for their faith. (5/21)
A Mother’s Day broadcast featured insights on the holiday and some biblical advice from one of history’s most famous mothers. (5/14)
Bill contrasted a recently published list of the keys to happiness with biblical principles. (5/7)

April broadcasts focused on the highlights of the Christian calendar (Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter) and on the spiritual state of America. 

Bill Breckenridge looked at the Ten Commandments, secular attitudes toward them, and how a return to following these foundational laws could bring about revival (4/2).
Two broadcasts from our archives featured Dave Virkler’s timeless commentary on the significance of Palm Sunday and on Christ’s death and resurrection (4/9 & 16).
Two other broadcasts featured the spiritual state of our nation. Bill looked at spiritual habits in America and the results of an annual survey on Americans’ view of Scripture. (4/23 & 30)

In March, The Word And The World considered new movies, political discord, and wealth. 

The broadcast considered the new film “The Case for Christ“ based on Lee Strobel’s best-selling account of his personal investigation and ultimate acceptance of the claims of Christianity. (3/26)
Bill Breckenridge looked at the Political Strife in Washington, DC and a recent survey that revealed most Americans believe Bible reading could be the answer to resolving the bitter differences. (3/19)
Bill examined the Christian ideas and themes in another new film, “The Shack”, and whether they are fact, fiction or heresy. (3/12)
The material wealth of the Richest People in the World were contrasted with the spiritual wealth of those who know Christ as Savior. (3/5)

Listen to these and several months of previous broadcasts here or via podcast ( 

April 12 marked 53 years of continued broadcasting for The Word And The World! There have been many changes in the world and in the church since the first broadcast aired, but our goal has always been to share the unchanging Good News of salvation. The Word And The World continues to look at current issues and events through a unique and timely Biblical perspective in order to highlight the truths of God’s Word. It is heard over radio via our network of broadcast partners reaching 16 states and Ontario, Canada, and through live streaming of some of the stations’ programming. It can also be heard at any time at our website and on podcast. Pray that our broadcast ministry will have an eternal impact on those who listen.

Expanded Radio Outreach

The Word And The World can now be heard along much of the Jersey Shore. WYRS Broadcasting recently began airing the broadcast on Fridays at 5:29 PM on WYRS 90.7 FM (Manahawkin). With sister station WLNJ 91.7 FM (Lakehurst) and five translators (91.9–Trenton, 92.9–Pomona, 102.3–Stafford Township, 102.5–Whiting, 102.5–Egg Harbor City), the listening area extends along the Garden State Parkway from Eatontown to Ocean City and west to New Lisbon. 

Check the full list of our broadcast partners for stations near you or friends and family.

Resources Spotlight

In honor of the USA’s birthday, we are high-lighting resource materials related to America and its Judeo-Christian heritage. These are available for a gift of any size. 

The Story of “The Star-Spangled Banner” – Francis Scott Key was a devout believer in Jesus Christ. Dave Virkler highlighted that aspect of Key’s life as seen in our national anthem and another lesser-known hymn he wrote. (Pamphlet)
Is America in Prophecy? – Dave’s commentary explores the different views on this topic and offers a stirring challenge for Christians on how national revival could play an important role in America’s future. (11 pgs.)
America, the Bible and Politics – In this message, Dave relates the uniqueness of America and outlines the Biblical principles for political responsibility. (CD)
A Capitol Tour – This audio “guided tour” with Rev. Tim Crater describes America’s Christian heritage depicted in the U.S. Capitol Building including various paintings and statues and the House Chamber. (CD)
A Philadelphia Tour – Some years ago, Dr. Peter Lillback, author of George Washington’s Sacred Fire, gave Christian broadcasters a personal tour of historic sites in Philadelphia. Dave was given permission to record it so that others could hear the fascinating presentation. Dr. Lillback described 12 historic sites (including the Liberty Bell, Carpenter’s Hall, Independence Hall, and Christ Church) with a unique emphasis on America’s Judeo/ Christian heritage. (2 CDs)
America in Prophecy – This is the message by Dave on which the print version is based. (CD)

Click here to see a list of all our audio and print resource materials.