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Special Audio Messages by David Virkler
                                             "Case Dismissed"
  This message speaks about the four “attorneys” who accuse all believers and the
  advocate who pleads our case in the court of Heaven. It is based on  biblical
  principles as confirmed in passages like Revelation 12:10 where John calls the devil
  "the accuser of our brethren".

                                       "Amen, Two Men, Three Men"
      In this special message, Dave outlines Biblical principles for effective prayer
       found in Matthew 18:18-21.

                                                   "The Unprodigal Son"
Dave shares unique insights in this unique message into on the story of the prodigal son found in Luke 15 with special focus given to the son who stayed at home.

                                                  "Unspeakable Things"
      In this message, Dave shows how God's blessings are limitless and almost
        beyond description for those who are in His family through faith in His Son.

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Introduction to Prophecy  * America in Prophecy * Israel Past, Present & Future * Israel and a Palestinian State             Middle East Countries in Prophecy (Egypt, Jordan, Iraq) * The Rapture: When Will Christ Come?
Inspiration, Christian Living and Prophecy
                                                   "9/11 Recollections"
Dave combines, in this special presentation, his personal recollections and spiritual thoughts about the day that changed the world back in September of 2001. The message includes several amazing interviews and a unique listing of the good things that came from that terrible day.
                              "If" - America’s Foundation & Future
In this stirring full-length message on 2 Chronicles 7:14, Dave outlines America’s Christian foundation, its current problems, and the ultimate solution found only in God and revival.